Hey, it’s Sierra! Thanks for being here.

I am enthusiastic about living a life that is intentional and regenerative, where simple every day actions serve as a means of connecting deeper with oneself and the oneness of all things. For me this starts with home cooking, the fuel of a well-spent life and a cornerstone of my personal self-nourishment practice. I believe deeply in the power of eating real food, supporting and participating in our local sustainable food systems, and creating delicious and satisfying food at home to transform ourselves, our communities, and our planet. For the past few years, empowering others to find joy and fulfillment in feeding themselves has been a core pursuit, including creating Earthworm, a summer pop-up in upstate New York that celebrated seasonal eating and Mother Nature’s ever abundant ability to nourish. 

Self-nourishment has always encompassed more to me beyond just the food we eat, but to all the ways we feed ourselves – body, mind, and soul. 

The issues of our time are vast and existential, and instead of resigning to that fact, I believe the answer lies in loving ourselves and building lives we love, so that we may love the planet and all things as a part of one whole. In our capitalistic and fundamentally extractive system, that in itself is a radical and transformative act. 

My own journey has taken me on a path towards answering these questions. Born and raised in Oakland, California, I attended the University of Michigan where I studied Cognitive Science – knowing all along I was fascinated by the human mind, but unsure of where that would take me. After living the majority of my life in a lot of subconscious anxiety that was running me on autopilot, suffering from health ailments and allopathic prescribed treatments related to such a state (IBS constipation, debilitating PMS, anxiety medications, weak immune system, acne, and more), and manifesting then-dream jobs that fed into my story of self-worth, everything culminated in a mental health trauma that left me 8 days in a psychiatric hospital and onto a recovery and healing journey that has brought me to today: the best and clearest mental, physical, and spiritual space I’ve ever been in my life. Through confronting and working through my own repressed emotions (like fear, lack, scarcity…) and the coping mechanisms I picked up to handle them (like overachieving, procrastination, perfectionism, external validation seeking, control…), I have learned how to really look at myself, dig in and excavate, and clear out anything and everything that doesn’t serve me to expand into the person I want to be. In doing this work, we arrive to ask the important questions: What am I here to create in this life? How can I serve this moment in time and be served in return?

Close Friends and Self-Nourishment Coaching are the outward manifestations of this. It brings me immense joy to share the tools and resources from many teachers and modalities I’ve found along the way, empower others to take control of their lives, and support people on their paths to highest good. I would not be here today had I not been through every high and low of my life. I believe that’s true for all of us: our journeys, however different and complex they may seem, take us on exactly the path we are meant to be on to get us to exactly where we are meant to be. Nobody is a troubled passenger on this Earth. Each and every soul showed up now, at this moment in human history, for a reason. And true joy and meaning lies in living within that reason. What is yours?

I am honored you are reading this, and if you’re wanting to step in, I’d be delighted to support you.